Dungeness & Flagons Micro-Brewery

Welcome me lords and ladies, to the home of the best Dungeness crab and flagons of micro-brewed amber ale of the Gods. Feast on a banquet of fresh seafood, slug back sweet mead and venture on a quest of great mystery, danger and triumph. 

My mighty heroes, join us on the adventure of your lives… But first! You must equip yourself with the knowledge and wisdom to prevail as the ultimate champion.

About Us

Dungeness and Flagons Micro-Brewery specializes in brewing traditional mead and ale. Each day we produce gallons of courage juice to sufficiently supplement all of our heroes, trusty sidekicks and dark lords. To complement our specialty brew, our cooks bring in the freshest seafood for our mighty banquet every night at 7pm. Drink, laugh and be merry, while playing the best RPG game in every universe! 

Our Menu

Crab, lobster, scallops, shrimp, fresh bread and the brew of the GODS

Our Community

We welcome all members of the RPG community. Whatever your race, dwarf, gnome, halflings, half-orcs, humans, pixies and so on. You can always be sure there will be a pint of ale, a bowl of seafood and welcome smiles waiting for you.